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Mavic Díaz

Architect and Artist with more than 30 years of related work experience, as well as portfolio of varied accomplishments, including referenced articles, exhibitions, and academic achievements.

Petroglyphs are drawings of figures done either through a method of engraving, hammering or sculpturing (chiseling) and are found on large rocks and caves worldwide. In our culture the petroglyphs represent images of birds, fishes, reptiles, human forms and geometric figures. These can be found in most parts of Venezuela, primarily on rock formation groups. In the manner in which the sequence of the engraved figures is found, we can infer that these drawings have a definitive meaning.


The artwork that I offer is a re-interpretation of some of the thousands of petroglyphs foun in our country, many of them from the states of Vargas, Cojedes, Carabobo, Bolívar, Barinas, Amazonas and Miranda; and this is only a brief glimpse of the pre-Columbiam graphic representations. The mixture of sands, resins, and dyes when mixed together, results in this beautiful hand made


These pieces are presently on exhibit end are available in art shops and museums such as; Ateneo de El Hatillo, Sala Mendoza and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofia Imber (the museum shops). Like wise, they have been purchased as corporate gifts by AVON Cosmetics of Venezuela, C.A. (1™ Franchise Meeting) and BP Exploracion of Venezuela, S.A. (BP Amoco, Isla de Margarita, December 2000 and a HSE Network Meeting, Caracas May 2000. I have worked on exclusive designs in series for many of these companies and in the latter BP event a specific petroglyph figure was used as the emblem for this meeting.


In addition to possessing tremendous artistic and invaluable historic value which could be a valuable gift of art, there is my profound commitment to develop an artistic concept based on the cultural values of my country (Venezuela).